Jella Gift Pack - Royally Nuff

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A mix of creative products in one pack. Choose your combo! 

In this Jella Gift Pack you can expect to receive:

  • 1 'Fight For What You Love' Postcard,
  • 1, 'Royally' Print
  • 1 'NUFF' Sticker Pack.

There are 3 vinyl stickers inside 1 'NUFF' pack. With 'Cool Kids' you will receive 'Joy', 'Seen' and 'Cool Kid'. Our 'Make-Do' designs contain 'Make', 'Do' and 'Different'. Sticker sizes range between approx 5cm to 10cm depending on which design. 

'Royally' prints are size A4, choose from 3 regal illustrations.

Our post-cards are so stylish you may want to keep them for yourselves rather than sending them away. The message is timeless 'Fight For What You Love', it's worth it! 

Whether you gift your Jella Pack or display it in your own home, we are certain you won't regret it.

FREE UK DELIVERY, please allow 5-10 days.